Happy Birthday to my Biggest Fan

July 6, 2010

Even though I can’t remember most things
Including 70% of the conversations we’ve had
I remember meeting you
The whole ocean sat in the pit of my gut
Swelling and swishing like a storm
I was climbing down the ladder
And sadly, slumming at a general admission school
I signed up for the class because it is my passion
And I walked in, sat down and
Suddenly became very aware of my snooty behavior
The ivory skin I am wrapped in
And my intelligence
We mentioned Parli
Suddenly you piped up
From the back of the classroom
Where you perched on a table, wearing one of those hats you love
It was the hat that convinced me to be your partner
But, it was your heart that has caused me to be your friend
Because God’s light shines down on 70% of your heart
And all I want is to stare
And make my heart look like that
Somehow this friendship of ours is unique
And even though it pisses her off, we’re cool
Because I let you see my heart
Black and beating it’s own tune
A tune I’m still trying to teach you
As I learn how to let God’s light shine
I know you will clean up my mess, and pray for me
If I have to stay behind
The same way I point toward your path, and pray for you
After I move on
Just promise me one thing

When you become the best damn stylist
That you’ll bring your ass overseas (to whatever shitty nation)
And teach me how to stop layering.


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