June 29, 2010

I’ve seen this fire in your eyes since before I can remeber

And it used to be fine, but now I’m the timber

Sitting by with no control

I wait to burn

It’s better to be engulfed than to be waiting

Because everything is wrong

I know I’ll be like you

Soon the victim will become the victimizer

I will be the only full of fire

But for now I’ll wait out this depression

This ditch you’ve caught me in

I read the symptoms and I know the signs

I won’t burn everyone like you do

I don’t deserve anything good

So I’ll take your spark and burn everything down

When I’m nothing but fire everything else is ash

This brand new relationship, and all the old

Ought to be gone my this time tomorrow

You see, I can’t function properly

And apparently I’ll lose love all together

Then sex will go

A broken toy, unable to smile or make anyone else smie

I don’t want to cry

But most of all I don’t want you to see me

So tomorrow and next year can burn in hell

Because I have it all mapped out

I will leave everything I love

Because one day I won’t love and life will have been a waste

God is love. And when we take up permanent residence in a house of love we live in God and He lives in us.

But it is too bad, you see that my house burned down

And I can’t love a bare foundation and charred walls

So just like Job I will bear this burden and pray I may praise

Pray I may praise

Because I’ve become prey

Don’t act like you get it or apologize

Just don’t talk to me

Let me cool off


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