June 23, 2010

I still wore shorts under my dresses
To ensure that no one got an eyeful on the playground
It was on the playground that I saw you
A sight to see, but no one else glanced
You rushed
I wanted to know where to
Because I wanted to be like you
So I followed, close enough to track
But too far for you to notice
And we fell
Not together, but separate
I was falling for you
But not in love with you
I fell for years
And hit rock bottom
You were no where to be found
I figured you had gone into one of the doors
But there was no way of knowing for sure
Until I saw it
A key, beckoning…unlocking
The smallest door
Which encased a beautiful place
But I couldn’t get there
The doorway teased and taunted
Somehow I always get what I’m desiring
Call it willpower
Or, more specifically, resourcefulness
Because I always find a way
And this time it involved a drink
But you see, I got too good at that drink
And the cake too
A party for one is desperate
I was desperate to balance my size
So I could make my dreams come true.


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