My house is a zoo

May 25, 2010

There may not be bars or cages
We are the peacocks and petting zoo animals
Roaming freely and socializing
Breathing in the scent of lions and carnivores
And at times not regarding distance
Getting too close
Understanding the misfortune of bears’ cave
Refusing care and zookeeping
Growing out of the confines
We are made for jungles
But kept in museums
Meant to educate everyone but us
Screeches and cries beg for tree tops
I was made for the rainforest’s humidity
My family is rooted deep
In thousand year old trees
So don’t barricade us
In an environment with lions from Africa
And bears from the Arctic
Because my short peacock feathers
May not be extravagant,
But they beg for trees
Not here but overseas.


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