This isn’t about love (revision one)

May 20, 2010

Born at a disadvantage
This double x has me messed up
Rambling teachers taught me about tubes
And journeys inside my body
That cause the curse
But that isn’t the problem
This isn’t a formal complaint against my uterus
Because I cherish it
The base of life
A place we have all been
But decades after de Beauvoir
We are digging
Like D&C instruments
For answers in the membrane
That surrounds the medical field
Why is ovulation enough?
As though knowing how it happens
Is good enough for half the worlds population
There are stores filled with
Books about fertility
Lunar cycles
And still more is known about the moon
We landed there decades ago
But men have been landing women
For centuries
But unlike the moon
Their voyages are for bragging
Not research and discovery
And because of it
Growths are nothing
Forgotten and overlooked
Until there’s nothing but headstones
They claim to worship it
And I suppose it’s only fitting
That it can kill silently
But this isn’t just about pain
It’s about that burning pleasure
The one women were denied
And even after the sexual liberation(s)
Women are meant to enjoy it
No one knows how it works
The big O hanging like a moon
And they know all
About that big ball of cheese
But nobody can explain
The female body
At least not scientifically
Only poetically
Using adjectives and colorful language
But that won’t keep anyone alive
It won’t cure unknown diseases
It won’t find nerve endings
So stop writing about it
Don’t think about looking at it
Unless you love the curves
Enough to search
Even if it means forever
Because we claim
To be so much more progressive
Than Middle Eastern nations
And while a Saudi woman can’t drive
The men around her see
Her as a gem
To be protected and hidden
But the red, white and blue
Gives you a loophole
You can disregard the power
And by doing so
Don’t have to love or strive
For the female anatomy
Put on a white coat
And rubber gloves
For once, force yourself to examine
The second sex
Because it’s all you’re after
Realize your responsibility
Is not the next morning
Or the next nine months
It is to know as much about
The craters and occasional stones
That are on our planet
As you know about the light in the night sky
That is a whole spaceship ride away


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