I like my skin I’m wrapped up in

May 14, 2010

I first fell in love in the 4th grade
When you told me your name, Angel
Or your best friend Bonita
The next year it was LaRussia
In high school there was Prometheus and Shantelle
And in college: Carolina, Ifteqar and Kuguru
But this love isn’t about names
It’s about skin, Not skin what’s within
This love runs deep
Like rivers between rice and beans
Like valleys in collard greens
Like oceans of curries
Whose tides I want to be caught in
To drown and die
Let my body be found
In the space that divides culture
And bury me so deep
That no one knows my skin color
Because I don’t want to be marked
Branded as the oppressor
I didn’t hurt you
Or your ancestors
But you hate me anyway
You barricade me out
But I can’t blame you
My color is like poison
The kind that takes your firstborn
And exploits it for cash
Because white skin is greedy
And you won’t ever get it
Strive forever
But I am predisposed
If I could rid myself of my jewelry
And change genders
This isn’t Freudian
It’s for real
I can barely identify
Because my white skin encases XX
And thus I am oppressed
You think it doesn’t compare
But I will go on
Believing it does
Because I will take anything that makes us closer.


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