May 11, 2010

You’re the kind of lover
That makes my heart beat fast
You make my skin tingle
But you take that same skin
And cover it with bruises
Then stay to see how it will heal
You make my flesh crawl
Towards you
So cuts and scrapes mark our love
A back and forth relationship
Where you have to be in control
I am forced to submit
Because without you I’d die
But I must say,
I’m getting a little tired
Of this back and forth euphoria
It’s pretty messed up
That neither of us can be high at the same time
And when you’re high you get abusive
Knocking me around like a ragdoll
But I love you
So I tell you i love you
And you react fast
Not with reciprocity
But with a hand around my throat
And I can’t leave
Because I need you to breathe
Every inhale is a reminder
That I better deal with it if I want to exhale
It’s too bad our story won’t get picked up by tabloid papers
There won’t be articles about my black eyes
I have no umbrella to hide under
So just pull the trigger
Let me wither and fall apart
Don’t worry, I’ll tell everyone you love me
You’re so good I would never leave
I get time to love those in need
Just so long as you’re always in control
Which isn’t hard
You move so fast everything follows
You’re the problem, cause and solution
So listen
Life. you’re a little hard on me
But I will go on living and loving you
I’m strong enough to take a beating


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