April 29, 2010

Let me tell you a secret
No, a promise
A prayer
I want to fall deep
So deep in love
That when you say demeaning things
Like “sweetie” to me
I only fall more in love with you
You see, I believe in strength
In standing on my own two feet
But all I want is someone to sweep me off
And make me, not forcefully
Because I’d be willing, see
All I ask is that you appease me
Pretend like I am in charge
And don’t take advantage
Never tell anyone
That I bake for you,
Clean for you,
And be a stereotype
I won’t kiss publicly
Because we aren’t a commodity
We would be like the sun
Absolutely necessary
Force the earth to revolve around us
Let’s make our love a virus
And contaminate the world
No let’s make it like a welfare check
And we’re in poverty
Broken down with no heat
Burrowing into each other
Just remember our love is a play
Let me be a prima donna
And you direct
Behind the scenes
So no one sees
And I will pay you
In alleyways
Because our love breaks laws
And lives recklessly
Make me
Force me
Wreck me, please
Take all the ugly around us
And make it sing
Because standing on my feet is too tiring
Especially in these heels
And the only reason I wear them
Is so that when we are apart
You can think of me
And remember my beat
It coincides within the one caged in your chest
Buried like a treasure
Please let me dig it up
I know you’re not here for booty
Because the x meant to mark the spot
Was washed away with Friedan
And feminism
But if you overthrow them
This could all be yours
Manifest Destiny
I would let you manifest in me
All those unfulfilled hopes and dreams
That you drew on the sidewalk
In technicolor chalk
When you were a kid
Watching the chalk scrape by
Just like your family
Paycheck to paycheck
Meal to meal

But if you love me, like really love me
We could be millionaires
You’d be the founder
Let me be the CEO
Because I can see we’d go
And everyone would buy stock
Because we’re recession proof
Our love won’t dry up
Or blow away
We’re drug dealers
Selling blow until they put us away
Cartels on the southern border
Running our love like mules
Mules dark brown like you
Your rich heritage is a museum
That I spend all my afternoons in
Hanging portraits of women
Kept silent and beautiful
But I won’t submit
So you use our love to write your history
Burning hot like a kiln
Flowing silky on canvas
Building a new Dynasty
Our kingdom
Two thrones identical
Perched side-by-side
So please understand
This isn’t a personal ad
I won’t post this on match.com
This is just me
Narrating a dream
And hoping my love hears me


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