Foreign Policy

April 3, 2010

I could tell we wouldn’t progress
By the way you first touched my chest
I knew you wanted more than I was offering
You wanted all of me
Not all of me
You seperated mind and soul from body
My body was only something for you to get into
And pull out of, just as fast as you came
But I wouldn’t let you
Besides, begging is desperate
So I became nothing to you, but it was mutual
We weren’t each others, we were individuals
You always forgot to make plans with me
So I took the white skin you loved so much
And put it on display
I was moving too fast for you to catch me
Tearing through life like your fantasies
So you began the hunt, nonchalantly
But I will never lay back and take it
Watch you while you take me
I’m not a freak in the sheets
My body is meant for me
To portion out, as I please
And that night, it wasn’t you, it was me
Who decided I had to leave
The ocean you crossed would drown me
And that was the battle that ended the war
Between brown and white skin
Without a winner or a loser
But I’m sure you told everyone I lost
Because it’s a better story
Than you got turned down
Because I respect myself
Too much to become a drunken slut for you (again)
And let you stain my reputation
I don’t put all my eggs in one basket
And I never let basket cases like you
Put themselves anywhere near my eggs
So you can take your techno, hip hop and gangster edge
Back home, where both your parents are doctors
Where misogyny and love are synonymous
Because your entry has been denied
But now matter how hard I try
I’m still thinking about you, not in regret
Just out of habit
I wanted to be your retribution
Cure your human rights violations
Solve diplomatic problems
But conferences aren’t held in backseats
Or between bedsheets
We had different agendas
And with trade goods like mine
I won’t compromise
So you have to go without
Go without the possibility
Because I won’t provide
Without a treaty.


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