20 steps to me: an instruction manual

March 11, 2010

shirts as dresses
creating inquisitive stares
begging for city skylines
lines read and reread
memorized to place
above average
average is too bland
add flavor on top
of flavor and then more
more brew please
meaning coffee
blonde and sweet, not me
me is i and mead was right
rarely conflicting
because i do what i please
please states power
so take your power
and use it wisely
wise as i’ll be
i will save those countries
that have nothing
nothing but the love of jesus
save me lord
pulled from wreckage
i wrecked this
with one drop
and it was all over
overages and apologies
but nothing is worth that much to me
not even you
you think i’m solid
ice cold
you bought into the act
acting like i am a wall
barrier between us
baring photos of happiness
a happy mess
of love and scars and
stress that erases memory
mammary glands beg for hands
to teach you how to feel
so when you marry
mary the sacred mother
not my mother, but father
raised on irish values
value of each breath
hasn’t been calculated yet
drawn into lungs
lungs that heave-ho
bringing diversity
and sensitivity to dark
dark skin like a blanket
enveloping my heart
crossing oceans in backseats
seating charts
crossing ts and hearts
it began here
here i am to stand alone
intended to be solo
accept fate and move on
onto my feet
and out the door
i can’t sit still anymore


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