History Lessons

March 6, 2010

I was founded on equality and justice
I am built by patriots
Fighting the mother to break free
Winning the battle that wins the war
But still battling within
Begging for equality or economy
And at what cost?
Spent and sold
Expanding my horizons
Buying grass, or land, to grow on
Running cattle and campfires
Into both oceans
Going worldwide
Not intentionally, but for friends
Time well spent
Until a crash leaves my pockets empty
Tent cities and brown bags
Full of tomorrows, and I don’t care
Drowning in myself
Shaken awake by a bad dream
Finding I wasn’t dreaming
Teaching others how to be free
Standing tall at the top
Everyone wants to be on top,
So I had an unhealthy relationship
Comprised of tumbles and harsh words
Potential for abuse
When it was over I left in a rush
Leaving others behind
Fighting for resources
Stifling hate
Until it sneaks up on me
And puts a bullet through me
Blood pouring from my shoulder
Wounded, but breathing
Retaliation is the answer


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