February 16, 2010

I said I wouldn’t
But I want to so bad
It would be bad
But bad is only a social construct
I’ll build you a new outlook
Made of bricks and held together with lies
They stick like glue
In my mouth and your mind.
Building up
Like a kinked hose
Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
Building bad credit
By ignoring the negative
And assuming positivity
I need a sugar daddy
Breaking down stereotypes
Forcing cognitive dissonance
It hurts
But all creation does
So let your brain
Give birth
A new schema
For loving
My future is based
On a rooty lot of land
No foundation
So i have to keep building
Working the land
So when construction team
Arrives they won’t be disappointed
When you ask for my opinion
I want to tell you the worst
Leave and don’t look back
Log cabin up and start the fire
Create something better
Wait just a bit
Spring will be here
And twitterpation will be in full force
Between breaths lets escape
I’d take a double loss
TH will rebuild
Where do I go
From here?
Made of pennies
Climbing the prosperity tower.


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