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So very thirsty

February 24, 2010

Red plastic cups and cigarette butts
Friday night’s flip cup
If you can still count keep drinking
Wobbly knees and forgotten memories
Tumbling into rules on heels
Shattering them into bits silently
Taking advantage of late night hours
Driving thru Obeseville, USA
Giggles and vomit threats
Or following the other ending
Involving boys and splitting up
But always reconvening at Sunday lunch
Blurry and nauseous
Next to church announcements
And Sunday bests that have no clue
Where these bruises came from
Until I exhale the breath
That was inhale-exhaled toward the top
Forts ought to be strong and keep them out
But we made ours with linens
And didn’t plan on anyone
So we made mac and cheese
And kept our guard down
The clang still rings
As that bottle hit the ground
Unheard pitch that promised an end

Somehow I want it back.


not a drop

February 23, 2010

Empty pockets
Like the empty bellies
Overseeing the king
Reign capitalism
Rain on me bills
Fix me
Cause I’m broke
Broken bits
Like crumbs for rats
In the projects
But nobody knows the results
There’s no art opening for this project
Only dirt, grime, the poverty line and
Empty pockets
Like the empty bellies
Overseeing playgrounds
Reign dissonance
Where love is replaced
With sex
Cause nobody felt it
But they feel this
Feigning love
Or redefining
Love means escape and that is all
An open doorway to and empty room
Empty pockets
Like empty bellies
Overseeing the door
Checking IDs
Never really looking
Finding something tangible
Let go
Renaming me, Mimi
A lie of a woman
Opening night
Ends with a full mouth
But an empty heart
Empty pockets
Like empty bellies
Overseeing promises
Remain untrue
They never comes
Like a father
Who swears his love
But can’t visit or call
Who speaks in words
Tinged with hate
Consideration means nothing
Necessitating body function
No more
Recently trained
Must utilize skills
Just to empty bladder
Empty pockets
Like empty bellies
Overseeing troops
Reign democracy
Like apocalyptic blood
Spilled beneath tires
Onto storefronts
Across the globe
Through technology
And no one is open
Will return at…
With the clock torn off
Empty ballot boxes
Empty pockets
Like empty bellies
Overseeing the empty


February 23, 2010

Embrace it
Be the mold
Let them gawk
Only your earrings dangle
But you are more
Than he knows
Or can even think of
Freud was a bit right

burn baby burn

February 23, 2010

Pulsating red and orange
Retreating with every inhale
Becoming part of me
Attaching all that matters to my heart
Before, finally, reaching an end.

Trays and trash

February 21, 2010

Waiting on kindness still
Working on being polite
Smiles and lies
Bite my tongue
B & H


February 16, 2010

I said I wouldn’t
But I want to so bad
It would be bad
But bad is only a social construct
I’ll build you a new outlook
Made of bricks and held together with lies
They stick like glue
In my mouth and your mind.
Building up
Like a kinked hose
Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
Building bad credit
By ignoring the negative
And assuming positivity
I need a sugar daddy
Breaking down stereotypes
Forcing cognitive dissonance
It hurts
But all creation does
So let your brain
Give birth
A new schema
For loving
My future is based
On a rooty lot of land
No foundation
So i have to keep building
Working the land
So when construction team
Arrives they won’t be disappointed
When you ask for my opinion
I want to tell you the worst
Leave and don’t look back
Log cabin up and start the fire
Create something better
Wait just a bit
Spring will be here
And twitterpation will be in full force
Between breaths lets escape
I’d take a double loss
TH will rebuild
Where do I go
From here?
Made of pennies
Climbing the prosperity tower.


February 16, 2010

i want you
your muddled aura
cries exist
exist with me
in a web of illusion
i won’t tell you lies
i’ll weave them
we ought to be
filching pleasure
squeezing life out of life
tearing down constructs
building selfish monuments
you could be good
i know it would be bad
but i want to self destruct.


February 2, 2010

Boys wearing girls’ clothing
Like strung out queens
Girls wearing boys’ heartache
In the corners of their mouths
Agoraphobia is ancient
We’re all ruined
And the streets have become your runways
Wipe your mouth and get out.

the process

February 2, 2010

Ice storm poetry

February 1, 2010

I pretend as though we are ancient
An old civilization
Living on what we make
So I make out with anyone
And find my reward
In the heartbeat
That moves all of you
A quake that states
It was worth it

If we’re keeping count
I’m up one more
Somehow the points don’t matter
I’m still losing
I shouldn’t love officials

Breathing hope into lungs
That have been beaten by pollution
Running hands down bodies
That have been fed lies by media
Whispering love into ears
That have only heard of war
Pressing words onto lips
That have been muttering curses
Teaching hands to feel
That have been bound
Setting free those hearts
That have been caged forever

You’re like the dishwater my mother soaked pans in
Too dark and sloppy
Wishy washy
Barely cleaning anything
But worth it because it’s the only option
Unavailable for any clarification
So that when the drain is clear you’re surprised it’s over
Spinning any forever full of unexperienced feelings